Camilla Petyn, also known as Supreme Banana, is a 22-year-old female living in Los Angeles with her beloved cats Bruce and Cleo. Shortly after going vegan in 2014, Camilla became exceptionally passionate about the topic, trying to share her experience with veganism to everyone and anyone. But, naturally, nobody wanted to listen to some blonde girl babbling about factory farming and tofu. So, she resorted to talking to a camera, and thus, “Supreme Banana” was birthed. Four and a half years later, talking to a camera is not only Camilla’s career but also her greatest passion. Some describe Camilla/Supreme Banana's online presence as transparent, enthusiastic and witty.

She grapples with tough topics like mental health, eating disorders and abusive relationships while also creating content that is lighthearted and comical (with a sprinkle of “that’s what she said” jokes thrown in). Camilla believes her platforms to be an extension of herself and has worked hard to provide not only entertainment but also awareness of topics she deems important. She recently published her first poetry book, “Silence”, which also was created to spread awareness and express herself transparently. 

Camilla’s life motto is- “chase your damn dream, regardless of what others say. To be yourself is to be supreme.”

Stay supreme.